I make a bunch of different stuff, from woodworking, to metal fabrication, to CNC machining, to electronics, to art…  Below are a few things I’ve built recently.

Here’s a bike rack I designed to match historic gothic architecture for Immanuel Baptist Church on Park Ave:

Custom Bike Rack

Custom Bike Rack Designed to fit Gothic Architecture of an old church

decorative metal fabrication

some of the decorative elements that went into the gothic bike rack

Here are a couple signs I made using elements of the artist’s own work, layered at varying heights to give a unique background texture. These are wood, but I am also able to work with various metals, glass, acrylic, stone, lighting, and more to match any aesthetic.

Custom Business Sign

Custom CNC carving

Custom CNC signage sample


I also do decorative metalwork, like this gas fireplace surround in brass:

custom fireplace surrounds

Brass fireplace surround before distressing and patina

Custom Built Fireplace Surround Installation

Gas Insert Fireplace Surround Installed

distressed brass patina

closeup of the distressed brass and patina

One of my big projects is producing Cyr Wheels.  A Cyr Wheel (pronounced SEER) is a relatively new gymnastics apparatus that is simply amazing.  A skilled Cyr performer appears to be floating or flying while spinning upside down, backwards, or any direction seemingly effortlessly.  The effortless appearance is very deceiving however, as these are one of the most difficult pieces of equipment a gymnast or dancer can master.

I have produced over 100 of these in the past couple years.  They range from a standard 5 piece collapsible (for transport) wheel, to custom engraved models with programmable LED lights!  Here are a few pics of cyr wheels I’ve built:

3 cyr wheels

3 standard Cyr wheels assembled on the bench

LED Cyr Wheel

Avi Pryntz-Nadworny piloting an LED Cyr wheel

Custom Engraved Cyr Wheels

raw stock engraved with Elvish writing before forming into a Cyr wheel


Thanks for checking out some of the work I’ve done!  I’m always making new stuff, so I’ll be updating this page more over time.  I plan to use the blog to share what I’m currently working on, so check out that page too if the link is up 🙂