Skill Hoarder Labs

Thank you for visiting Skill Hoarder Labs. We are a Rochester, NY based design and prototyping shop providing a range of services to bring your project from concept to final production. Our team offers expertise in many fields, including 3D modeling, software development, electronics design, embedded systems design, mechanical solutions development, design for manufacturing, and more. In short, we are Skill Hoarders. We love to use our collective talents to bring your idea from concept to reality.

Our shop is equipped for in-house physical prototyping including CNC machining, electronics assembly, 3D printing, metal fabrication, resin casting, laser cutting, and more. We can accommodate single part builds, or small production runs up to several hundred parts. For larger jobs, we partner with higher volume manufacturers to appropriately scale production for your needs.


Please use the form below to contact us with any questions or to discuss your project.